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Software Development

With a good understanding of your requirements and after analyzing the unique opportunities, we create the best experiences that work well, feel good, and look elegant for individuals, startups, and industry giants.

What Do We Do?

Having catered to many clients around the globe, our project portfolio speaks volumes about our track record. We combine art and science to deliver beyond expectations, as evident from our previous engagements. The repeat customers who turn to us for more projects after completing the first one are a testament to the quality we maintain in every aspect.


Web Application Design and Development

Rise over your competitors. The user-centric, appealing web application interface designs developed with the latest technologies assure you more leads and conversions.


Mobile Application Design And Development

In a future of ubiquitous computing, allowing a true-mobile interaction with the best user experience can give you the edge over your competitors.

Our Work

On and behind the friendly interfaces you see, the work of our team continuously runs, making everyday tasks seamless, connecting each other, and increasing productivity. The users decide to use software for a reason, and we do not let them down!

For Precise and Faster Channelling Management!

HealthHut, Channelling Centre Management System developed by Syntax Genie is a comprehensive web-based channelling management software for healthcare facilities, enabling flexible and smoother management of channelling processes, where staff can manage all in one centralized system.


A Comprehensive Learning Management System!

ScrapBook is a Learning Management System (LMS), a software platform where higher educational institutions can implement, deliver, and assess educational courses efficiently and effectively, supplementing both traditional ways of teaching and learning and e-learning.


Advanced ERP Simplified!

Syntax Genie ERP is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System; a web-based software platform where businesses across multiple industries such as manufacturing, distribution, construction, etc. can manage their resources efficiently and effectively.


BreezeLink: Your Gateway to Smart AC Control

Worried about soaring electricity bills?
Meet your new best friend: BreezeLink AC Controller. Engineered to bring you comfort, convenience, and significant cost savings, the BreezeLink AC Controller is the ultimate solution for efficient AC management.

Lanka Batteries

Lanka Batteries: Electrifying the Future with Syntax Genie

Lanka Batteries, powered by Syntax Genie, pioneers in sustainable urban mobility through its innovative swappable battery solution for electric three-wheelers. Offering eco-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective transportation alternatives, this platform is set to revolutionize Sri Lanka's approach to travel. With a focus on reducing expenses and promoting environmental sustainability, Lanka Batteries aims to lead the charge towards a cleaner, greener future with its smart battery management and solar-enhanced charging stations.

Lanka Batteries
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IntelliScript: AI-Driven Decision Support System

IntelliScript, designed by Syntax Genie, is an AI-powered platform that transforms decision-making and data management for businesses. It provides seamless business intelligence, diverse data mastery, and integrates easily with various data types. The platform features interactive AI for Q&A, instant documentation drafting, comprehensive business insights through graphs, and customizable AI models tailored to specific organizational needs, ensuring privacy and adaptability. It's a cutting-edge tool for enhancing efficiency and precision in business operations.

A/L අත්වැල

A/L අත්වැල by Skill Surf: Transforming A-Level Education in Sri Lanka

Skill Surf has launched "A/L අත්වැල," a project designed to empower Sri Lankan students with technical and life skills for their future careers. This online platform, developed by Syntax Genie, offers comprehensive video lessons for Advanced Level subjects, crafted by university graduates of Moratuwa. It aims to simplify learning and help students achieve their university dreams through easily accessible content. With a focus on affordability and quality, it serves as a significant step towards educational success in Sri Lanka.

More About A/L අත්වැල
pearl lanka

Pearl Lanka: Your Gateway to Sri Lanka's Wonders

Pearl Lanka emerges as a prime destination for discovering Sri Lanka's marvels, with services spanning ancient explorations to beach retreats. Through a collaboration with Syntax Genie, the website revolutionizes planning travel adventures by automating processes, ensuring seamless experiences. This partnership underscores a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, positioning Pearl Lanka as a top choice for travelers seeking the quintessence of Sri Lanka's enchanting locales, culture, and hospitality.

Pearl Lanka


Oversight is an end-to-end solution that monitors and controls appliances in any residential or industrial premises while providing insights about their energy usage. The motivation behind Oversight is to get a birds-eye view of energy consumption. The project consists of four main hardware devices; OTA Socket, Power Monitor, AC Controller, and Load Monitor. A cloud-deployed deep learning model is used to predict future energy consumption patterns, and all the controlling, monitoring and viewing insights happen through a web dashboard.

More About Oversight

Artiman - Portfolio Website & CMS

Artiman is an early-stage sector agnostic venture fund with offices in Silicon Valley and Bangalore, seeking to invest in entrepreneurs building white space companies that have the potential to create or disrupt multi-billion dollar markets. Understanding the importance of Artiman’s public visibility as an investor who brings capital plus access to a network that reflects the diversity of the firm and its portfolio, we developed their portfolio website and a Content Management System (CMS) to do regular updates on the website.

View Artiman’s Portfolio

Meemure Nature Camp - Official Website

Meemure Nature Camp is a team of professionals with decades of experience facilitating adventure activities under strict safety precautions, providing accommodation, guided treks, hikes, and water adventure activities around Meemure. We developed their official website with a brand new look, emphasizing how exciting it is to live in the ancient, isolated village of Meemure - a pristine location rich in natural beauty and adventures.

Visit Meemure

EMP Cleaning Services Official Website and Contract & Feedback Platform

EMP Cleaning Services is a commercial cleaning company based in London that provides a range of high-quality cleaning services for years. The Syntax Genie team is proud to be a part of their journey to win their business goals by developing a website on the highest appreciated level. We created a platform to automate their process of signing client contract documents and obtaining client feedback for their services as well.

EMP Cleaning Services

Southern Lanka Hospitals Mobile App, Official Website, and Channelling Management System

Southern Lanka Hospitals (SLH), one of the giants in health service in Sri Lanka, provides high-quality medical treatments and services with the best consultants and care for their patients. We developed a mobile application including their services and an informative and attractive website, fulfilling both hospital staff’s and their patient's requirements. Moreover, we develop their Hospital Channeling Management System, where the hospital staff can manage all the channelling-related processes of the hospital in one place.

Download SLH Mobile App from Play Store SLH Official Website

Other Static Website Development Projects

Official website of Pearl Cluster enabling potential local and international clients to learn more about their diverse portfolio in the energy, construction, software, digital marketing, and healthcare sectors. Learn More

Official website of Onell Ltd to promote one of London's leading removal service providers, Onell Removals - Man & Van and Deliveries where clients can send messages directly to Onell Removals and get free removal quotes. Learn More

Official website of Alta Vision (Pvt) Ltd to showcase their successful industrial and residential solar PV projects where visitors can acquire more knowledge about switching to solar energy, view more about the company and the team, and contact or request quotations through the website. Learn More

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