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Let your strengths and confidence impress us. If your passion drives you to work in this space, make an impact and have a creative mind with an excellent work ethic, we would love to welcome you to the Syntax Genie family.

Life At Genie

Be a part of a team weaving their magic to build state-of-the-art digital experiences!

Valuable Career Experience

Get a professional experience by challenging yourself with our different levels of interviews, including tests, face-to-face, and online interviews. We help you narrow down and identify where your passion lies while providing exposure to how a business in your chosen field runs as a collaboration between individuals.

Access to Various Opportunities

If you got skills and a passion for trying more career paths, we have the best local and international project opportunities for you! When working with us, you do not have to stick to one department, but you can work in various other different teams, gain exposure, sharing your knowledge with your colleagues.


As a team, we always encourage the individual growth of our team members. We understand that while working with us is an important part of your schedule, it is not the only commitment you have. We help in the best possible way to manage all your commitments. We have flexible working hours. You can also work at your convenience from home or from the office.

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