Renewable Energy Access for the Conversion of Tuk-Tuks

Many Worlds
  • Ongoing
    16 June 2023 to March 2025
  • Project Partners

  • University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka (USJ)

    University of Surrey, UK

    Alta Vision (Pvt) Ltd

    Syntax Genie (Pvt) Ltd

Syntax Genie and Alta Vision, with its unwavering commitment to sustainable development and innovative energy solutions, continues to transform the energy landscape through pioneering research and development (R&D) initiatives. Our latest endeavor targets a vital component of Sri Lanka's transportation fabric, the Tuk-Tuk. In partnership with the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and the University of Surrey, we launched a revolutionary project aimed at converting Tuk-Tuks to run on batteries charged using renewable energy, thereby mitigating the rising fuel costs and instability affecting numerous Tuk-Tuk drivers in Sri Lanka.

This project introduces a swappable battery system charged with solar energy, presenting a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for the local transportation sector.

Project Budget
  • Total Eligible Cost: 299,969 GBP
  • Funded By: Energy Catalyst Round 9 – Early Stage
Project Objectives

The objectives of this groundbreaking project:

  • To provide sustainable energy solutions for Sri Lankan Tuk-Tuk drivers by converting existing Tuk-Tuks to run on renewable energy.
  • To combat the economic impact of rising fuel costs and supply instability by introducing an affordable swappable battery system.
  • To promote environmental sustainability by charging the Tuk-Tuk batteries using solar power, reducing emissions and dependence on non-renewable energy sources.
  • To introduce a battery subscription scheme, allowing drivers to exchange depleted batteries for fully charged ones at designated charging stations, thereby promoting renewable energy use and reducing the financial burden on drivers.
Technical Overview

The technical architecture of the project is as follows:

  • Conversion of traditional Tuk-Tuks to electric Tuk-Tuks with a swappable battery system.
  • Charging stations equipped with solar panels to generate electricity for charging the swappable batteries.
  • Real-time monitoring function at charging stations to gather data from the Vehicle Control Unit of the Tuk-Tuk for efficient and quick battery transactions.

The swappable battery system is designed to be affordable, with drivers only required to pay a subscription fee to exchange depleted batteries for fully charged ones at designated charge stations. This approach not only lowers costs but also promotes renewable energy utilization, as all batteries are charged using solar power.

Expected Key Outcomes

Expected Key outcomes of the project:

  • Successful conversion of traditional Tuk-Tuks to electric Tuk-Tuks with a swappable battery system, providing an affordable and sustainable solution for Tuk-Tuk drivers.
  • Reduction in carbon emissions and dependence on non-renewable energy sources by using solar power to charge Tuk-Tuk batteries.
  • Launch of a battery subscription scheme, making the conversion process economically feasible for Tuk-Tuk drivers.
  • Positive impact on the local economy by helping Tuk-Tuk drivers mitigate the effects of rising fuel costs and supply instability.
  • Successful pilot of the project with the conversion of 5 traditional Tuk-Tuks in the initial stage.

At Syntax Genie and Alta Vision, we are immensely proud of our contributions towards a sustainable transportation future through the project. Our commitment to research and development in the realm of sustainable energy solutions continues to drive our efforts toward creating a greener world, one innovative project at a time. We remain steadfast in our dedication to pushing the boundaries of clean energy technology for a brighter and more sustainable future.