AI-Powered Demand Management System for Sri Lanka

Many Worlds
  • Ongoing
    16 June 2023 to March 2025
  • Project Partners


    Alta Vision (Pvt) Ltd

    Syntax Genie (Pvt) Ltd

The AI-powered demand management system (ADMS) project aims to develop a demand management system, including the relevant hardware and software, and pilot it at select households to evaluate its efficacy. Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), this project demonstrates our proficiency in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to tackle complex energy sector challenges.

Project Budget
  • Total Eligible Cost: 180,060 USD
  • Funded By: USAID
Project Objectives

The key objectives of developing the AI-powered demand management system:

  • To implement an intelligent system for managing electric loads interactively between utilities and consumers.
  • To explore the utilization of AI for automated and optimized demand-side management.
  • To provide consumers the ability to manage loads manually or using automated AI-based controls.
  • To reduce costs, emissions, and improve the reliability of energy supply through load shifting and predictive analytics.
Technical Overview

The system consists of the following key technical elements:

  • Smart energy meters, load monitoring devices, smart sockets, and controllers are installed at consumer premises.
  • Cloud-hosted AI software platform.
  • Inference engine with two modules, Energy Supply Management (EM) and Demand Management (DM).
  • EM module forecasts solar PV generation using weather data.
  • DM module predicts consumer energy consumption patterns.
  • Bi-directional communication with utilities to receive pricing signals and shift loads.
Expected Key Outcomes
  • Successful design and piloting of an intelligent demand management solution utilizing state-of-the-art AI technologies.
  • Provide consumers with the ability to manage electricity loads interactively while optimizing costs and reliability.
  • Demonstrate how AI and smart devices can enable precise load forecasting and automated controls.
  • Create a platform for collaborative management of loads between utilities and consumers.
  • Showcase Synax Genie and Alta Vision's capabilities in leveraging AI and smart grid technologies to modernize energy infrastructure.

This project underscores the transformative potential of AI and smart grid technologies, offering precise energy supply and demand forecasting.